My World Was Changing

  The four of us ended up back at the dorm sitting on the ever-worn couches in the main lounge. It had been poker night on campus so drunken freshmen … Continue Reading →


Dog watching a movie

Getting off Campus

I zipped my bag closed and threw it by the door. My roommate was cool and I’d made a handful of friends, yet when Friday rolled around I yearned to … Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Traveling Treats

The next morning I bee-lined to Sandy’s room to ask her about the girl I’d seen the night before. She told me her name was Donna and she lived in … Continue Reading →

Panorama of Stockholm from Beckholmen island, Sweden

A New Beginning

It was hard to believe we’d already gotten to this part of the trip. Finland.  This part of Europe is so far north the sun barely sets during the summer. … Continue Reading →


Moving On

The concept of people living under suppressed rule was fascinating to me. I wanted to take a walking tour that highlighted daily life in East Berlin under Soviet Rule. Donna … Continue Reading →

Part of Berlin Wall with graffiti and chewing gums

Forget All Your Troubles, Forget All Your Cares

People called Potsdamer Platz the Times Square of Berlin. To me it was a glorified mall, but exciting and buzzing with a big city vibe. A large crowd watched soccer … Continue Reading →

Jill and Chris

Berlin Beach Party

 A young American named Todd was the guide for our bike tour. Our group followed him though the busy streets of Berlin – over small bridges spanning the canals. “Venice … Continue Reading →


Back in the GDR

From a small kitchen off the lobby, Christopher emerged carrying a glass of white wine for Donna and a very large bottle of beer for me. I’d heard all those … Continue Reading →


Montana with Castles

As our train headed to Berlin, I realized this trip was nearly four fifths over. I wanted to say that time flew by, but it hadn’t. It seemed to stand … Continue Reading →

textured red background with spider silhouette horror image

Painting Spiders

I dipped my brush into the paint can and spread it over the gutter above me. The sun made the glossy turquoise enamel shine so bright. It felt good to … Continue Reading →