herd of white sheep

Slow Down Driver, Wanna Stay Alive, Wanna Make this Journey Last

I hadn’t seen a grin on Alex’s face in nearly five months. He was about to spend the afternoon with his new friend Carla. Eddie and Anna offered to take … Continue Reading →



Where’s Arthur When You Need Him?

After indulging in that fine ale and whiskey at the pub, I should have passed on the wine David was pouring, but he insisting it was the perfect complement for … Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK

Great Scot! Another Pint?

Every city made a different impression on me. London, Paris, Berlin – they all set me straight upon first glance – wiping clean any prior notions I’d created of them … Continue Reading →

UK Travel Luggage with Flag for Vacation

Jeff’s Three Week Vacation

After Finland and before returning to London, I finally got my three week vacation. During most of this trip, I’d convinced myself that I would have enjoyed Europe much more … Continue Reading →


The Light Turns On

The sensation was like when you see a mouse crawling along a floorboard. Your eye catches it and your brain goes blank for a moment before your game plan eventually … Continue Reading →

Lake Lodge

The Place of My Dreams

The sound of my wing tips tapping against the cabin floor annoyed me. They, along with my black suit pants were so out of place there. I considered walking back … Continue Reading →

Forest cottage deck and chairs

Upon Reflection

I crawled into bed next to a sleeping Donna. It was hard to believe this trip was almost over. Our last night in Finland felt like the last night of … Continue Reading →


Taking the Plunge

The iron-chef style cooking show Jukka was hoping for never took place, I just wanted to cook alongside my Finnish buddies without competing. Out on the deck Jukka fired up … Continue Reading →


Tug Boat Party

We pulled into a hilltop parking lot above a small harbor. An old steam ship was moored at the dock. It looked out of place in this modern little seaside … Continue Reading →

Summer cottage

It’s a Murkee Style of Life

“Welcome to the Murkee style of life”. Jukka said, sticking his head inside our car window. He pointed to a parking spot along the side of a giant log house . We … Continue Reading →