Los Angeles

Venturing Out into the Wild’s of LA.

Spending time in Europe inspired a new lifestyle. We ventured out more. We explored places like Little Saigon and tried Vietnamese sandwiches and durian smoothies. I wanted to go inside … Continue Reading →



Seeing Things Differently

I wanted to indulge in the things I’d missed while on the road. I sunk into my couch and  grabbed my remote. How nice it was to click through dozens … Continue Reading →

Key With Sweet Home Text As Symbol For Property And Ownership

First Impressions

 Lee helped us load our packs into the back of our Tahoe. It seemed as big as a school bus compared to the tiny European cars. The airport seemed different … Continue Reading →

Butler With Tray and Letter

The Butler

After a good night sleep and a traditional English breakfast, we packed our bags for the last time. Donna flipped through papers, reviewing details of our flight home. I sat … Continue Reading →

Hard Rock Cafe London Entrance

Call Me Coco Chanel

The five of us jumped off the subway, ran up the escalator, and sprinted down the sidewalk of the tidy and proper neighborhood that didn’t seem at all characteristic of … Continue Reading →

City of London

London Calling Back

“It’s this way.” Donna insisted. “Are you sure?” I wiped the sweat from my forehead and looked around. Everything looked so different. Five months earlier these trees were bare and … Continue Reading →


Good Night Blackpool

We thought we’d take the kids out to dinner to celebrate our last night in Blackpool. As everybody else got ready, I headed down stairs to take Dave up on … Continue Reading →


Pleasure Beach

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk always stuck in my mind like glue. At age three I walked around that park, clutching my mother’s hand and shaking with fear. I found California’s … Continue Reading →

Penny Lane in Liverpool

Day Tripping to Liverpool

Everybody wants to make a pilgrimage.  To show allegiance to something important by visiting a place like The Vatican, Israel, or Fenway Park?  Around 90% of you will understand what … Continue Reading →

London Taxis Lined Up On Sidewalk

Hey, Do You Want to Hear a Joke?

Unlike London, where travelers cue up for an agent to assign them to a taxi, the Blackpool train station was more like a Tijuana bus station. The driver delegation seemed … Continue Reading →