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Street of Dreams

I raised my head from my pillow. Outside the window I heard the street coming to life. I turned my head to see Donna’s smiling face. “Lets go get some … Continue Reading →



Comes with a Mini Kitchen

I’d always heard the north of Italy was different from the south. I didn’t appreciate that until the day I stepped off the train at the Florence station. So far … Continue Reading →

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The Love of Family

We decided to celebrate our last night in Sorrento with a dinner in our apartment. Jill and I walked to the market. She wanted to make mashed potatoes the way … Continue Reading →


The Italian Rock Star!

Our bus driver boarded and stood before us. He had the air of a rock star and I wondered if he expected applause. He took his throne behind the wheel, … Continue Reading →


Earthquakes or Volcanoes?

I woke to the sound of buckets of water splashing against my window. I looked out, expecting to see the enthusiastic face of a window washer balancing at forty feet … Continue Reading →

Painting in Herculaneum

Sun Bathing by a Volcano

The seats on the Circumvesuviana hadn’t gotten any softer nor the ride smoother. The volcano’s ominous view once again filled the windows, seemingly proud of the devastation it inflicted nearly … Continue Reading →

Pasta with meatballs and basil with tomato sauce

Finding Home

Arriving back at our apartment in Sorrento, we piled bags of groceries on the kitchen counter. Lee found a local jazz station. Chris helped him connect his travel speakers and … Continue Reading →

Grocery store

Don’t Get Between an Italian and his Cheese.

In the middle of downtown Sorrento, we found the rooftop apartment we’d call home for the next week. As everybody settled into their rooms, I explored the kitchen and found … Continue Reading →

View of Vesuvius

Erupting into Sorrento

Compared to Rome’s station, Napoli Centrale was smaller and grittier – as if actually trying to live up to a bad reputation. There were no bookstores or kiosks selling perfume, … Continue Reading →


Angles Singing with Lemoncello

As it did in Paris and London, our time in Rome flew by quickly. The fast pace of the city totally disoriented my sense of time. It was like blasting … Continue Reading →