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My Wife’s Damn Inheritance, Blog to Book

By Jeff Baker

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1) From the Beginning, The Book, The Prologue


Chapter 1

2) Screw The Camcorder

3) Get Us To The Airport Alive!

4) Turn This Plane Around

Chapter 2

5) Bring Back That Loving Feeling

6) Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

7) Isn’t There Sangria in Idaho?

8) The Next Food Network Star!

9) The Hangover

10) A Schmuck With A Bag of Chips

Chapter 3

11) Three Years Later

12) Jeff’s Future Is So Bright He Has To Wear Shades

13) Whole Lotta Ham

14) Damn That Swivel

15)  How Would You Spend Your Inheritance?

16) God, Get Me Out of This Mess.

17) When Did I Say Yes?

18) Teenaged Travler’s Lament

Chapter 4

19) London Calling

20) Could You Tatoo the Directions on My Arm?

21) Light, Camera, Action!

22) Does the Queen Jog Around Her Own Park?

23) Showering with R2-D2

24) Saved by the Tower and Chestnuts Roasting

25) Facing the Electric Snake

26) Pilgrimage to Abbey Road

27) Don’t Let Me Down

28) How to Embarrass Your Daughter

29) Leaving London Town

Chapter 5

30) Meeting Mrs. M

31) Mr. Rogers with an Apron

32) Pub or Pinocchio?

33) Frying up Stonehenge

34) Getting Something from Take Away

35) Gone with the Fairies

36) Too Big for his Britches

37) Calling on the Extreme Travel Advisor

38) Roast Beef, Wine and a Great Big Sign

Chapter 6

39) Don’t Blow My Cover

40) Hang On!

41) Trenches and French Churches

42) While Sipping Pernod

43) Stuffed Potatoes and Booze for Lunch

44) A Horses Ass Isn’t so Bad

45) Yours, Mine and Ours

Chapter 7

46)  Paris, a Whopper of a City

47) Seduced by a City

48) Magic Under the Tracks

49) Climbling Iron with my Son

50) Skipping Louis the Fourteenth

51) Finding a Bit of Home in the Heart of Paris

52) Floating My Fears Away

Chapter 8

53) More Bombs Found on Rail Tracks in Spain. All Aboard!

54) Don’t Shoot Me – I’m on Vacation!

55) Light Up a Saint for a Euro

56) An Unexpected Gift at 4,000 Feet

57) Stanley’s Sangria Binge

Chapter 9

58) Good Day Sunshine

59) Nabbing a Bit of Home in Spain

60) Do Witches Dance in High Heels?

Chapter 10

61) Without Reservation

62) A Bit of Rome in France

63) Big Fun in the Walled City

64) Fun Loving Italians

65) Pear-Pia-Cherry

 66) Traveling through Europe with your Kids – Who Does That?

67) Markets, Wine and Wasps

68) Surprises at Breakfast

Chapter 11

69) Heading for the Hills

70) A Morning with the Dead and No Coffee

71) Fool Me Twice

72) It’s Harder than it Looks

73) Darling, I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue

74) A Serial Killer Named Bunny?

75)  Bunny Comes to Dinner

76) Half-schnockered 

77) Happy Hour

Chapter 12

78)  Boom! It’s Rome

79)  Meet the Parents

80) Gladiators Taking a Cigarette Break

81) A Quick Get Away!

82) Give It Back

83) Visiting the Polizia di Stato

84) Angels Singing with Lemoncello

Chapter 13

85) Erupting into Sorrento

86) Don’t Get Between an Italian and his Cheese

87) Finding Home

88) Sun Bathing by a Volcano

89) Earthquakes or Volcanoes?

90) The Italian Rock Star!

91) The Love of Family

Chapter 14

92) Comes with a Mini Kitchen

93) Street of Dreams

94)  Jogging Around the Issue

95)  Illegal Shades

96) Leaning Over the Edge

97) Is’t a Hot Chocolate Morning

98) Where Did I Get This Nose?

99) As Good As It Get’s


Part 2


100) Note to Reader from Jeff

101) Ward Cleaver Where Are You?

Chapter 15

102) When Did I Become Lame?

103)  On the Road to Shambala

104) In a New York Minute

105) Homeward Bound – Sort Of

Chapter 16

106)  Eva’s Germany

107) Eva’s Family

108) Eva’s Lesson

Chapter 17

109) Let Me Out!

110) A Lake, A Cabin and a Little Hope

111) Bad Jokes and Off-key Singing

112) Don’t Cut Your Head Off

113) Magical Summer

114) Surviving on Navy Beans

115) What Is Your Time Worth?

116) On My Own

117) On Top of the World

118) Knee Deep in the Hoopla

119)  Just Shoot Me

120) Tequila Tuesdays

121) Going to the Chapel

122) Painting Spiders

Chapter 18

123) Montana with Castles

124) Back in the GDR

125) Berlin Beach Party

126) Forget All Your Troubles, Forget All Your Cares

127) Moving On

128) A New Beginning

129) Traveling Treats

130) Getting Off Campus

131) My World was Changing

Chapter 19

132) Cruising with the Swedes

133) One Month to Go

134) A Finnish 4th of July

135) Entering Donna’s Past

136) Midnight Light Shines

137) It’s a Murkee Style of Life

138) Tug Boat Party

139) Taking the Plunge

140) Upon Reflection

141) The Place of My Dreams 

142) The Light Turns On

Chapter 20

143) Jeff’s Three Week Vacation

144) Great Scot! Another Pint?

145: Where’s Arthur When You Need Him?

146) Slow Down Driver, Wanna Stay Alive, Wanna Make this Journey Last

147) Dangerous Blackpool

148) Hey, do you Want to Hear a Joke?

149) Day Tripping to Liverpool

150) Pleasure Beach

151 Good Night Blackpool

152) London Calling Back

153) Call Me Coco Chanel

154) The Butler


Chapter 21 

155) First Impressions

156) Seeing Things Differently

157) Venturing Out into the Wild’s of LA.

158) Avoiding Insanity

159) What’s Grace Got to do With IT?


160)  Ten Years Later





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