When Did I Become Lame?

Near silence filled our enclosed train compartment. Alex sat across from me. I could hear the tinny sound of whining guitars escaping through his ear buds. He calmly studied the … Continue Reading →


Feeling blue

Ward Cleaver Where Are You?

I sat on the steps outside our Florence apartment feeling sad. Here I was, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and just when I was about to really … Continue Reading →


As Good As It Gets

Traveling with three kids for several months leaves little room for romance. For the first time, Donna and I got a chance to escape for an evening. We found a … Continue Reading →

Clown hat with glasses and red nose

Where Did I Get This Nose?

The five of us climbed a seemingly never-ending staircase that zigzagged up a retaining wall of dark stones. David met us at the top. It wasn’t the statue (we’d seen … Continue Reading →

Hot chocolate

It’s a Hot Chocolate Morning

Buildings of the Baroque era were built with paper thin walls. Either that or God gave Italians exceptionally loud voices. Regardless, I never got a full night’s sleep in Florence. … Continue Reading →

Street market in port Well on April 16, 2013 Barcelona

Illegal Shades

The sun was high in the sky and rays were dancing on the Arno river. Along an adjacent sidewalk street vendors were selling all kinds of stuff. I heard a … Continue Reading →

little girl in dress running away

Jogging Around the Issue

Jill was trying to stay in shape for soccer and had been working in a daily jog. She and I ventured out to the warmth of the late afternoon and … Continue Reading →

Bread Background

Street of Dreams

I raised my head from my pillow. Outside the window I heard the street coming to life. I turned my head to see Donna’s smiling face. “Lets go get some … Continue Reading →


Comes with a Mini Kitchen

I’d always heard the north of Italy was different from the south. I didn’t appreciate that until the day I stepped off the train at the Florence station. So far … Continue Reading →