Gone with the Fairies

ToddyDonna welcomed her hot and sour soup. “Did you have a nice time with Alex?”


This was not the time for me to bitch and moan. Sure, it was nice to get away with him and I’m glad he opened up. But I could see a storm brewing on the horizon. Alex seemed to have a good time in London and I thought he was adapting. I think we kept him too busy to think about anything else. Now that we’d settled down in Salisbury, the magnitude of this trip was becoming reality for him. What if this backfired on us and Alex’s world was indeed in shambles once we got home? This thought was starting to haunt me.

I turned the channel to a British version of the Antiques Road Show. I gave Donna a kiss and headed downstairs.

In the dining room, Mrs. M had prepared the table with plates and silverware to eat our Chinese food. “How’s your wife feeling?” she asked.

“Still very tired”

“Right, then.” She sat down. “It’s been an exhausting day for me as well – tonight I feel like I’ve gone with the fairies

“Would you like some Chinese food, Mrs. M?” Jill asked.

“Oh, no thank you, Dear” she replied “By the way, did you fancy Stonehenge?”

“It was freezing.” Chris spooned some vegetables from a shallow plastic tub.

“Do you wish you’d brought warmer clothing?” she asked with a little smile.

Jill nodded her head. “We did not expect it to be this cold over here.”

Mrs. M. looked at each of us through her thick glasses. Her gentle way made me think of my grandmother, who during summer visits would make me sandwiches and sit with me while I ate.

After we’d finished, Mrs. M began clearing away our plates. Alex and Chris began to lift theirs off the table but our host insisted they sit. “It’s no bother” she said, grabbing the little plastic tubs. “I’ll wash these – they might come in handy on your journey.”

As we climbed the stairs, she came out of the kitchen holding a steaming tea cup cradled in a pot holder. “Take this to your wife Dear” she said, “It’s a hot toddy – it will make her sleep better.”

RECIPE:  Hot Toddy on MWDI Facebook

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