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15514The Europe trip takes a different direction at this point. The entire reason I decided to write my story happens next. In between the wine and cheese and meeting interesting people, I had lots of time to think and contemplate the life I’d been leading back home. While on the road I was able to experience things that shined a bright white light on the ugliest and most wonderful times of my life.

However, this is very personal and I’d been struggling with sharing it with you. Imagine waking up and seeing me standing on your front lawn, bare naked, yelling “Please listen to me!” A pretty disturbing image, right? I worried that’s how you’d see me, so I held back.

After hearing from writers and memoirist who actually knew what they were doing, and encouragement from Donna, I decided not to hold back. I’m going total commando on the rest of this book. Mainly because I realized the thoughts and emotions I felt while on this trip, were also being experienced by other guys my age – the challenges of aging in our demanding, fast paced society and trying to be decent husband and father.

At the expense of blowing the ending (yes, there is an ending), I’ll tell you that in the coming chapters some miraculous things are revealed, things that might not have happened, or been realized had I stayed home and remained consumed with my “life.” While the road gets quite bumpy, it turns out okay. Great, in fact.

So, for all you guys, along with your wives and kids – this is for you.

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