Surprises at Breakfast

Pancake. Crepes With Berries. Pancakes stackI woke up to grey light shining through the window and sounds of the street coming to life. Today we’d leave Arles and this thought brought a tinge of sadness. Being here was like spending the night with a new friend and realizing their house was the coolest place in the world.

Donna stirred then lifted her head from her pillow. “Jeffery, do you smell that?”

Each morning we’d come down to our breakfasts of pastries, breads and jam. This morning I had a very good feeling something was different. I inhaled deeply and brought forth my best memories of sweet things baking in the oven.

“Get the kids up.” I said, pulling up my pants. “This could be epic.”

We walked into the dining room. “I don’t know what got into Eric this morning,” Madeleine said, placing several plates around the table. “He’s making crepes.”

Their two little boys, still in pajamas, joined us. Unlike previous mornings with guests coming and going from the table, today felt like being in somebody’s home. A smiling Eric walked in with a platter of the largest crepes I’d ever seen. I wanted to hug him, lift his feet off the floor, and spin him around the room, but chose to grab one of the giant crepes on his serving plate instead. They were slightly thicker and heavier than the street crepes I’d enjoyed in Paris. I lathered one with a slab of fresh butter, folded it over, then cut myself a larger than bite-size hunk. I opened my mouth and indulged. Lordy Mama.

In no hurry to leave, we hung out with our hosts for a while after breakfast. Jill played soccer with the boys, kicking around a paper she’d crumpled into a ball. The older boy presented me with a book and sat down on the chair next to me. It was a French story about the adventures of Le Petit Nicolas. “Is he your favorite?” I asked the bi-lingual five year old as I opened the cover.


“Who is?”

“Scooby Doo.”

Just when I thought the room could not get any brighter, the front door opened and in walked Pamela. We hadn’t seen her since the day before. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“Guess where I’ve spent the morning?”

Donna looked at Madeline, who smiled back knowingly.

“With a travel agent – I’m going to India!”

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