Pancake. Crepes With Berries. Pancakes stack

Surprises at Breakfast

I woke up to grey light shining through the window and sounds of the street coming to life. Today we’d leave Arles and this thought brought a tinge of sadness. … Continue Reading →


Arles, France


We got up early hoping to see Nick and Angela before they’d leave. Madeleine was busting about as usual, but seemed especially busy this morning. “Oh, hey” she said upon … Continue Reading →

Italy, Rome, roman statues (117-138 A.D.)

Fun Loving Italians

The next morning, Donna and I pulled on some clothes and started down the stairs to see what sort of breakfast this place would offer. Jill got wind of our … Continue Reading →


Big Fun in the Walled City

From our hotel in Arles, France, Alex insisted we head directly to the food court. Heat lamps brought out the deep reddish-brown color of the roast beef resting on thick … Continue Reading →