Refreshing Sangria

Stanley’s Sangria Binge

Jill sat across from me at the table. I’d had time to reflect since my encounter with the Black Virgin the day before. “Hey Sis, I think I’ve got an … Continue Reading →



An Unexpected Gift at 4,000 Feet

Our cable car hung suspended thousands of feet above the ground. Each of us held on tightly as it slowly moved up the rugged mountainside. The steep cliffs reminded me … Continue Reading →

Cathedral  in Barcelona

Light Up a Saint for a Euro

Barcelona made quite the impression on me – it had the beauty and charm of Paris, yet was smaller and had a refreshing seaside feel. The people were beautiful. They … Continue Reading →

Celebration. Hands holding the glasses of champagne  making a to

While Sipping Pernod

Once again, we gathered in the dining room in anticipation of what our new friends called a “light” Sunday night dinner. After an afternoon of getting better acquainted, everybody seemed … Continue Reading →