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Street of Dreams

I raised my head from my pillow. Outside the window I heard the street coming to life. I turned my head to see Donna’s smiling face. “Lets go get some … Continue Reading →



Comes with a Mini Kitchen

I’d always heard the north of Italy was different from the south. I didn’t appreciate that until the day I stepped off the train at the Florence station. So far … Continue Reading →

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The Love of Family

We decided to celebrate our last night in Sorrento with a dinner in our apartment. Jill and I walked to the market. She wanted to make mashed potatoes the way … Continue Reading →


Bunny Comes to Dinner

I deep fried cubes of bread in olive oil as the kids walked into the village to meet our guest. A wooden salad bowl in the cupboard inspired me to … Continue Reading →


Markets, Wine and Wasps

The streets were swelled with locals, as if they were heading to a major sporting event. But they were turned out for something bigger – Le Marche d’Arles – the … Continue Reading →


Magic Under the Tracks

Our sleepy eyed group of eight gathered in the crisp morning air on the sidewalk across from our hotel. We had a big day ahead and seeing the Eiffel tower … Continue Reading →


Whole Lotta Ham

Running a public access studio was like being the ringmaster of a circus – but with more clowns. Characters of all sorts came and went – preachers, dancers, chiropractors, astronomers, … Continue Reading →

Man Cartoon Edited

The Next Food Network Star!

Most men partake in normal pastimes like fly fishing or model railroading. Mine was cooking on television. A few years earlier I became notably miserable in my job and Donna … Continue Reading →