Note to My Readers from Jeff

The Europe trip takes a different direction at this point. The entire reason I decided to write my story happens next. In between the wine and cheese and meeting interesting … Continue Reading →



Bunny Comes to Dinner

I deep fried cubes of bread in olive oil as the kids walked into the village to meet our guest. A wooden salad bowl in the cupboard inspired me to … Continue Reading →


Too Big for his Britches

“Ohhhh…” Donna groaned, sitting up in our bed. “I am not well” She plopped back down on her pillow.” “You’re staying in bed today.” I insisted. She shook her head … Continue Reading →

Airplane card

When Did I Say Yes?

The airplane cabin lights dimmed and gave way to the faint blue glow from a handful of TV screens. Chris and Jill rested their heads on Donna’s shoulders. The spotlight … Continue Reading →


How Would You Spend Your Inheritance?

I knew that per the terms of her grandfather’s will, Donna would inherit a percentage of the money from the building sale. She sat there staring at me, waiting for … Continue Reading →


Whole Lotta Ham

Running a public access studio was like being the ringmaster of a circus – but with more clowns. Characters of all sorts came and went – preachers, dancers, chiropractors, astronomers, … Continue Reading →

Mobile Home

The Hangover

The reality of selling everything I owned to spend a year in Europe was settling into my brain like a hangover – waking me in the middle of the night, … Continue Reading →

MWDI Logo8

From the Beginning, The Book, The Prologue

Before 2004, I enjoyed lots of things in this world, but gallivanting about it for shits and giggles wasn’t one of them. It never occurred to me to search my … Continue Reading →