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Protected: Just Shoot Me

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  • 10 June, 2014
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little girl in dress running away

Jogging Around the Issue

Jill was trying to stay in shape for soccer and had been working in a daily jog. She and I ventured out to the warmth of the late afternoon and … Continue Reading →


Bunny Comes to Dinner

I deep fried cubes of bread in olive oil as the kids walked into the village to meet our guest. A wooden salad bowl in the cupboard inspired me to … Continue Reading →

Abbey House

Does the Queen Jog Around Her Own Park?

The key was older, longer, and heavier than any I’d ever used. It glided smoothly into the lock and with a quick turn the heavy door opened into our room. … Continue Reading →

Holding hands

Teenaged Traveler’s Lament

I looked back across the aisle. Donna and Jill looked to be fast asleep. Chris had found a video game and Alex continued to page through his textbook. Studying wasn’t … Continue Reading →


How Would You Spend Your Inheritance?

I knew that per the terms of her grandfather’s will, Donna would inherit a percentage of the money from the building sale. She sat there staring at me, waiting for … Continue Reading →


Whole Lotta Ham

Running a public access studio was like being the ringmaster of a circus – but with more clowns. Characters of all sorts came and went – preachers, dancers, chiropractors, astronomers, … Continue Reading →

Mobile Home

The Hangover

The reality of selling everything I owned to spend a year in Europe was settling into my brain like a hangover – waking me in the middle of the night, … Continue Reading →


Isn’t There Sangria in Idaho?

I really wasn’t ready to discuss the details of this nomad plan of hers, let along agree to it. Yet there she was, still trying to sell me… “Don’t tell … Continue Reading →

Airplane pic new

Turn This Plane Around!

I clenched my armrest as the airplane sped faster and faster down the runway. I glanced at the window and sympathized with those last few raindrops desperately trying to cling … Continue Reading →