Protected: What’s Grace Got to do With IT?

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  • 6 November, 2014
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croquet wooden ball and mallet

Protected: Just Shoot Me

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  • 10 June, 2014
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Eva’s Family

The next morning I came downstairs for a cup of coffee. Werner and Neil’s had already left the house. Donna, Hanna, and I enjoyed a breakfast of fresh bread, cheese, … Continue Reading →

A Bolt of Lightning in a Neighborhood

In a New York Minute

Okay, my teenaged son and I shared the same adolescent helter-skelter. Yet understanding of what he was going though didn’t help much. As a father, I wasn’t sure what to … Continue Reading →


The Italian Rock Star!

Our bus driver boarded and stood before us. He had the air of a rock star and I wondered if he expected applause. He took his throne behind the wheel, … Continue Reading →


Earthquakes or Volcanoes?

I woke to the sound of buckets of water splashing against my window. I looked out, expecting to see the enthusiastic face of a window washer balancing at forty feet … Continue Reading →


Bunny Comes to Dinner

I deep fried cubes of bread in olive oil as the kids walked into the village to meet our guest. A wooden salad bowl in the cupboard inspired me to … Continue Reading →


Big Fun in the Walled City

From our hotel in Arles, France, Alex insisted we head directly to the food court. Heat lamps brought out the deep reddish-brown color of the roast beef resting on thick … Continue Reading →


Do Witches Dance in High Heels?

I did my “rounds” turning off lights and locking doors before crawling into bed next to Donna, who was already fast asleep. We’d been busy the past few days exploring … Continue Reading →

Train goes by rail in summer day, countryside.

Don’t Shoot Me – I’m on Vacation!

Our southbound train met up with the French coast line. The Mediterranean Sea came into view outside the window. I expected to see vast desert and a bull fighting ring … Continue Reading →