Sparks of champagne

Happy Hour

After spending an uneventful day in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, I found myself in a funk. Everything seemed to annoy me. The only thing that cheered me … Continue Reading →




“Let’s walk this way.” Bunny suggested once outside. “A Dutchman is selling this home and is asking a fortune.” After we followed her through a maze of streets, she stopped … Continue Reading →


Bunny Comes to Dinner

I deep fried cubes of bread in olive oil as the kids walked into the village to meet our guest. A wooden salad bowl in the cupboard inspired me to … Continue Reading →

Yacht leaving of Saint-Tropez port, France

Darling, I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue

At the base of the green hills the ocean was bluer than blue. The red tiled buildings were as colorful as a box of play chalk. The sight of San … Continue Reading →


It’s Harder than it Looks

Donna and I sipped coffee at the kitchen table.  I could not believe how well I slept. My head hit that pillow and the next thing I knew a beam … Continue Reading →


Fool Me Twice

“We’re going to the Internet Cafe!” Alex cried from the back seat of the car. We’d driven 20 miles to Draguignan. It’s name was printed in a large, bold font … Continue Reading →


A Morning with the Dead and No Coffee

My first night in Claviers wasn’t restful. If only that cave had a locked door. Every little sound I heard all night woke me up. I was certain a clawed-foot … Continue Reading →


Heading for the Hills

“This beats the hell out of taking a train, huh Dad?” “At least the train knew where to go, Alex.” My last view of Arles was through the windshield of … Continue Reading →


Markets, Wine and Wasps

The streets were swelled with locals, as if they were heading to a major sporting event. But they were turned out for something bigger – Le Marche d’Arles – the … Continue Reading →

Arles, France


We got up early hoping to see Nick and Angela before they’d leave. Madeleine was busting about as usual, but seemed especially busy this morning. “Oh, hey” she said upon … Continue Reading →