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Protected: Jeff’s Three Week Vacation

  • By admin
  • 12 September, 2014
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Abbey House

Does the Queen Jog Around Her Own Park?

The key was older, longer, and heavier than any I’d ever used. It glided smoothly into the lock and with a quick turn the heavy door opened into our room. … Continue Reading →


How Would You Spend Your Inheritance?

I knew that per the terms of her grandfather’s will, Donna would inherit a percentage of the money from the building sale. She sat there staring at me, waiting for … Continue Reading →


Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Tiny rain drops began to ping against our windshield. Donna noticed a park nestled into an older residential neighborhood – the type where sidewalks buckle from the roots of giant … Continue Reading →


Bring Back That Loving Feeling

This whole thing started the day I knocked over a display of fried pork rinds at a liquor store. Donna and I drove into the parking lot of Al’s Liquor … Continue Reading →

Airplane pic new

Turn This Plane Around!

I clenched my armrest as the airplane sped faster and faster down the runway. I glanced at the window and sympathized with those last few raindrops desperately trying to cling … Continue Reading →

Stop pic

Get Us to The Airport Alive!

Lee weaved my new Tahoe in and out of lanes with the skill and finesse he’d earned by driving the LA freeways for most of his 70 years. “Shit for … Continue Reading →

Damn Camcorder

Screw The Camcorder

My father in law stood by the front door. “You need to start loading up,” Lee said, tapping his watch. “It’s nearly noon.” My God, is this really happening? The … Continue Reading →

MWDI Logo8

From the Beginning, The Book, The Prologue

Before 2004, I enjoyed lots of things in this world, but gallivanting about it for shits and giggles wasn’t one of them. It never occurred to me to search my … Continue Reading →