horse head

A Horses Ass Isn’t so Bad

We finally would get a glimpse at what Luc did for a living. We pulled into the gated parking lot of an ivy-covered brick compound. Luc explained how it was … Continue Reading →


Belfry, historical houses and the statue and column of Deesse (1845), the goddess and a symbol of the city. The statue commemorates the siege of Lille by the Austrians in 1792, after the Revolution.

Stuffed Potatoes and Booze for Lunch

The house was quiet. While we slept, the others had evidently gone off to school or work, except for Mary Ange, who was bustling about the kitchen. She lead us … Continue Reading →

The Vimy World War One War Memorial in France

Trenches and French Churches

The kids tossed Chris’s football around in the pasture. They barely noticed us leave the driveway. It made me happy to see them enjoying these new friends. Luc resumed his … Continue Reading →

Car driving in city

Hang On!

“How did you recognize us?” Donna asked as Luc grabbed her bag. He winked. “I can always spot Americans.” Luc was accompanied by two others – his brother Laurent – … Continue Reading →

Marseille St. Charles railway station, France

Don’t Blow my Cover

As our train sped through Belgium I reminisced about our time with Mrs. M. What extremes I’d felt there – security and care followed by horror and anxiety. It was … Continue Reading →