Seine river and Notre Dame cathedral

Floating My Fears Away

I bunched my jacket into a pillow and lay back to absorb the sun rays. It’s as if they had been allocated especially for Paris this beautiful Sunday afternoon. It … Continue Reading →


french dog wine baguete beret

Finding a Bit of Home in the Heart of Paris

I was hoping this Starbucks had been “Parisified” enough not to remind us of home. No such luck. It had recently opened as Paris’s first Starbucks and seemed like the … Continue Reading →


Skipping Louis the Fourteenth

Biting into the croissant, I realized it was the first I’d ever tasted. Those mass produced oil sponges I’d been eating all my life were mere imposters compared to this … Continue Reading →

Eiffel tower stairs

Climbing Iron with my Son

We left the market and headed toward the tower, which was easy to find considering it loomed over the top of every building. I couldn’t get over how enormous the … Continue Reading →


Magic Under the Tracks

Our sleepy eyed group of eight gathered in the crisp morning air on the sidewalk across from our hotel. We had a big day ahead and seeing the Eiffel tower … Continue Reading →

Depositphotos_13633398_xs (2)

Seduced by a City

The beef fell apart at the touch of my fork. I swirled it around in the rich brown sauce and speared an unsuspecting mushroom. I raised it to my mouth … Continue Reading →

Passengers arrive at the 	Gare de Lyon

Paris, a Whopper of a City

I closed my booklet on conversational French and looked out the train window. I really wanted to enjoy Paris, especially the food. It was one of the most intriguing places … Continue Reading →