Angles Singing with Lemoncello

As it did in Paris and London, our time in Rome flew by quickly. The fast pace of the city totally disoriented my sense of time. It was like blasting … Continue Reading →


police station with the emergency number 113 in a southern Itali

Visiting the Polizia di Stato

Lee needed to file a report to get his stolen credit cards replaced. After breakfast the next morning he asked Alex and me to walk with him to Polizia di … Continue Reading →

Travel Photos of Italy - Rome

Give it Back!

Some people live for confrontation. A chance to face off with somebody appeals to them like nothing else. I’m not one of those people. So I’m not exactly sure why … Continue Reading →

Roman legionary

Gladiators Taking a Cigarette Break

The Colosseum was within walking distance of our hotel so we hoofed it in spite of the pouring rain. As it did the day before, that big round decaying thing took … Continue Reading →

Bus Tour in Rome

Boom! It’s Rome

Of all my childhood toys, the most fascinating was a top. As it spun on the hardwood floor I’d study the tiny, plastic enclosed clown that barely moved amidst the … Continue Reading →