Marseille St. Charles railway station, France

Don’t Blow my Cover

As our train sped through Belgium I reminisced about our time with Mrs. M. What extremes I’d felt there – security and care followed by horror and anxiety. It was … Continue Reading →



Gone with the Fairies

Donna welcomed her hot and sour soup. “Did you have a nice time with Alex?” “Sure.” This was not the time for me to bitch and moan. Sure, it was … Continue Reading →


Getting Something from Take Away

Donna came down with a cold and didn’t feel like venturing out for dinner. Mrs. M. suggested we get Chinese take away. Alex offered to go along with me. A … Continue Reading →


Frying Up Stonehenge

At breakfast the next morning, we had the dining room all to ourselves. We sat down at the largest table, which had been arranged with five place settings. Mrs. M. … Continue Reading →


Pub or Pinocchio?

I was looking forward to an English pub experience, so suggested we eat dinner at some local place with lots of hardwood and crowded with friendly people sharing jokes and … Continue Reading →


Mr. Rogers with an Apron

The sun actually started peeking out between the clouds. I stood among the flower pots neatly arranged on the brick patio in the back yard (or garden as Mrs. M … Continue Reading →


Meeting Mrs. M

The cold damp air penetrated my body to the bone. One thing I did not expect on this trip was all the walking. How I missed our car- especially the … Continue Reading →