Protected: What’s Grace Got to do With IT?

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  • 6 November, 2014
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Do Witches Dance in High Heels?

I did my “rounds” turning off lights and locking doors before crawling into bed next to Donna, who was already fast asleep. We’d been busy the past few days exploring … Continue Reading →

Wine barrels stacked in the old cellar of the winery

Nabbing a Bit of Home in Spain

At the beach, Donna used the pay phone to call the number on the slip of paper. We’d pitched the idea of staying a week in this seaside paradise to … Continue Reading →

Church of Saint Mary in Cadaques

Good Day Sunshine

Our bus driver negotiated another sharp turn, seemingly unconcerned with the law of physics, or the deep canyons plunging below us. I kept my eyes focused on a row of … Continue Reading →


An Unexpected Gift at 4,000 Feet

Our cable car hung suspended thousands of feet above the ground. Each of us held on tightly as it slowly moved up the rugged mountainside. The steep cliffs reminded me … Continue Reading →

Train goes by rail in summer day, countryside.

Don’t Shoot Me – I’m on Vacation!

Our southbound train met up with the French coast line. The Mediterranean Sea came into view outside the window. I expected to see vast desert and a bull fighting ring … Continue Reading →

Flowers on track

More Bombs Found on Rail Tracks in Spain. All Aboard!

The train slowed. The sign at the station read Narbonne. From here we’d enjoy our last remaining minutes in France before boarding a train that would take us across the … Continue Reading →

Celebration. Hands holding the glasses of champagne  making a to

While Sipping Pernod

Once again, we gathered in the dining room in anticipation of what our new friends called a “light” Sunday night dinner. After an afternoon of getting better acquainted, everybody seemed … Continue Reading →


Calling the Supreme Travel Advisor

My sleepy eyes opened. I reached for my watch on the nightstand. It was only six o’clock. I’d have to wait a few hours to get a cup coffee at … Continue Reading →