Los Angeles

Protected: Venturing Out into the Wild’s of LA.

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  • 31 October, 2014
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Feeling blue

Ward Cleaver Where Are You?

I sat on the steps outside our Florence apartment feeling sad. Here I was, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and just when I was about to really … Continue Reading →


It’s Harder than it Looks

Donna and I sipped coffee at the kitchen table.  I could not believe how well I slept. My head hit that pillow and the next thing I knew a beam … Continue Reading →


Fool Me Twice

“We’re going to the Internet Cafe!” Alex cried from the back seat of the car. We’d driven 20 miles to Draguignan. It’s name was printed in a large, bold font … Continue Reading →

french dog wine baguete beret

Finding a Bit of Home in the Heart of Paris

I was hoping this Starbucks had been “Parisified” enough not to remind us of home. No such luck. It had recently opened as Paris’s first Starbucks and seemed like the … Continue Reading →