Wooden cabin at Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, Canada

Let Me Out!

Our German friends stood in the same spot as a few days earlier, smiling and waving  – goodbye this time. The train started moving and Neils ran along the platform, … Continue Reading →



Skipping Louis the Fourteenth

Biting into the croissant, I realized it was the first I’d ever tasted. Those mass produced oil sponges I’d been eating all my life were mere imposters compared to this … Continue Reading →

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Seduced by a City

The beef fell apart at the touch of my fork. I swirled it around in the rich brown sauce and speared an unsuspecting mushroom. I raised it to my mouth … Continue Reading →


Gone with the Fairies

Donna welcomed her hot and sour soup. “Did you have a nice time with Alex?” “Sure.” This was not the time for me to bitch and moan. Sure, it was … Continue Reading →