Turn This Plane Around!

Airplane pic newI clenched my armrest as the airplane sped faster and faster down the runway. I glanced at the window and sympathized with those last few raindrops desperately trying to cling on the Plexiglass. Everything was moving by so rapidly out there, it was making me nauseous. Rather than fiddle around looking for a puke bag, I decided to shift my focus to the relatively less hectic interior of the cabin. Donna’s eyes beamed with nervous excitement as she grabbed Jill’s hand and clenched it tight. Chris was fixed on his video screen which appeared to detail our flight plan. Alex seemed oblivious to anything outside his headphones, even as the g-force of the thrusting plane pressed him back against his seat. The tires vibrating beneath us suddenly abandoned the runway. The unsettling sense of weightlessness followed as the giant bird lifted upward, disconnecting me from my world below. God only knows what remnants will still be there when (or if) I get back.

A voice came over the intercom: “We’ll be arriving at London-Heathrow Airport in approximately eleven hours.”

Attempting to calm myself down, I took a deep breath and glanced back out the window. As I studied a few stubborn raindrops trying to maintain their grip, the woman in the window seat abruptly pulled down the shade.

I closed my eyes, “When.” I thought, “Did I ever agree to this?

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