What Kind of Blog is this?

Most travel blogs release stories as the trip unfolds, this blog chronicles an adventure that already happened and is deepened by hindsight. This travel memoir has been chopped into little slices and will be doled out to you several days each week.

How it evolved.

The first draft of this memoir sucked because I committed the ultimate sin among travel writers –  I ignored my own observations and feelings and instead wrote what I thought others wanted to read.

This time, rather than repeating facts easily found on Google, I decided to just let go and share the unique experiences I had in Europe with Donna and our three kids – no matter how silly, embarrassing, or painful they were.  I stopped worrying about what you might think of me – my ignorance of European culture, my selfish attitude, my stupid misgivings about mid-life. I finally let go and started writing from my heart.

This time, I’m releasing it in blog fashion for a couple of reasons. Presenting it on a web site allows me to give you additional stuff from the trip – photos, side notes, podcasts, even recipes of the delicious food I enjoyed. Most importantly by releasing in smaller portions, I hope to get your feedback – honest feedback. I plan to publish this story in a bound book, and can do that best with your help. This is a work in progress and you can help shape it into something special.


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